Thursday, March 25, 2010


...I sit here typing on MY computer. Holy Crap! that was fast. I got an email yesterday saying that they received my computer...I got a phone message this morning saying that FedEx would ba at my door by 10:30am and I would need to sign for the package. I couldn't be the computer...but, I haven't ordered anything either. YUP! 10:15 and FedEx hands me the box that I sent the computer out in. Disbelieving that it's actually been fixed, I tried out a CD and by golly it sounds know, like it's supposed to.

Something I learned about my addiction while the computer wasn't here...I really need to limit my time on this thing...I got a lot done yesterday and this, morning...and I didn't beat myself up all day that I wasted time, should have been more productive, etc. Now THAT felt good.

(of course, I just found out one reason why I'm on here longer than necessary -- the internet system does not like to be on my side...I was just having trouble with this post as it covered what's supposed to be the end of a normal post's info. So now I am retyping to see if it makes a difference. Fun is.)

So, In keeping with my new change...I must continue wielding the vacuum and washing the floor. Then it's working on a client's project, going shopping for fixtures with the electrician and making dinner.

At 8pm on CPTV there's going to be what looks to be a good show on the state of Connecticut and some people and places throughout.

Last Fall the 'Food Channel' had a show on where the spikey blond haired chef went around to different little restaurants all over the U.S. A Venezuelen restaurant featured in CT, so on Columbus Day we made our way down there. Very small place, long line, beautiful sunshiny windy day, GREAT food. It was fun to explore something new. We talked a little bit to the chef who is also the owner, he made us specialty fruit drinks with fresh tropical fruits (non-alcohol) and the food was delicious and 'clean' tasting...yum.

Now I will send this posting to the Blogger posting Gods and see what happens....


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