Sunday, March 7, 2010

A New Use for Binder Clips

I'm sewing away and in a little bit will be piecing my tote bag together. Well, the material I am using is slippery, not fabric, a piece of what would normally be considered trash. Plus, I've added layers, so two 'wrong' sides together is making a thick sandwich and slippage. Straight pins are what I normally use, but they can distort the sandwich and get I'm waiting for my toast (told ya I'd be having a piece) it came to me...BINDER CLIPS! It will hold the fabric together nice and firm for me.

I realize it may be a little awkward unclipping it, but if I don't get too close to it with the needle it should be fine. I'm going to try because I think it will work beautifully and when it does, I will consider myself pretty clever! LOL

You will, too, won'tcha, won'tcha, won'tcha?

...oh I can be such a child...


  1. Saw it, Tried It, FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I was having a similar issue with thin t-shirt material. The clips work great, thanks so much for sharing. Happy Sewing :)

  2. I'm so glad you tried it...and it worked! That's what's great about this whole blog thing, you can give people new ideas and you can learn from others. Love it.


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