Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cutting off my left arm

Well, today's the day...I can't put it off any longer...the computer has to be sent out. Not a good time for me to be without one, got lots going on. Oh, well, such is life I suppose. Yes, I will go through withdrawals, but hey, I might get more done around here, too! LOL  I'll be getting my fix at the library or at the desk of one of my best friend's.

Freddy update:

Cute Brown Boy went to his new home on Sunday. We spent 2.5 hours here talking about his needs, playing with him, etc. Very very nice family from Framingham, MA now calls him their own. He needs reprogramming and they are looking forward to retraining him. There's a 12 year old girl involved, a petite cutey little thing, very excited about finally getting a dog and so interested in learning how to train him. I love that.

With him gone, peace has been restored around here....good for my dogs and good for me. I really liked the boy but he had whirling energy that is a little too much for this laid back quiet household. Hanz was turning into a whiney, needy, misbehaving little creature because of it. That's what happens sometimes when a new personality is brought in.

Once Freddy knows that he will be staying forever where he is now, some of his anxiety will dissipate and he will be able to learn faster (although, he was pretty quick) and just be more comfortable in his own skin. Plus, being the only dog now, he's not vying for attention -- he's getting alllllll the attention...and Hanz is happy that it's all about him, again, too.

Remember Gonzo?

His new owner was very quick in tending to his needs...teeth cleaned, well, not really cleaned, cleaned out would be more like it -- he had about 7 teeth left and they were extracted -- apparently they were really bad and causing him some pain. At 9 years old, he also lost his 'boys.' The new owner says he's doing well and feeling much better now that his mouth has been taken care of. They also got him groomed. He was a Schnauzer mix, remember, with lots of Yorkie and probably some Chihuahua in him, therefore, his coat was different textures and colors...well, they gave him a Schnauzer cut....poor are the results...

The owner is happy...I wonder how Gonzo feels...

"It's raining, it's pouring, the Old Man is snoring...."


  1. OMG that is by far the worst grooming of a dog I've ever seen. Just because that's what the owners wanted doesn't mean that's what the groomer should have done. If his new owners start to complain that he won't go out of the house, you'll know why, total embarrassment.

  2. I agree on both a groomer there's a duty to make a dog look it's best... AND, having cut my Weezie Girl's hair too short one summer and her pink skin showed through...oh, the poor thing, she was so embarassed because everyone laughed at her...I've since kept her blond locks longer.


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