Friday, March 26, 2010


Guess who I was on the phone with at 6:30 a.m?  AT&T -- AGAIN. This time I skipped right over Lynn, who wanted to help me. I said, "no, I will not tell you anything because the problem is not new, please put me through to the person you would send me to next anyway." So she does and Felisha tells me there's a problem in the line outside. Again? please...they'll be coming tomorrow morning... I'm seriously calling them and asking for this month's money back.

On another more exciting note -- if you love vintage and estate sales -- you must go to RetroRenovation and play the video and check out the one happening this weekend in Tonawanda, NY. I am so glad I do not live there because my heart would be pounding so hard I'd think I was having a heart attack! LOL

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