Friday, March 19, 2010

On the verge of snapping ---- someone's head off

It is days like today that my blog name makes so much sense...

There's an insecure dog with separation anxiety that barks CONSTANTLY if I am outside the house and he can't see me and that also has "I want to eat you Mr. Electrician because I've not ever been socialized" syndrome, therefore, making it nearly impossible to have a conversation unless Mr. Electrician sits down and pets said BROWN CUTE OTHERWISE BEHAVED dog.

THEN there's the constant internet trouble I've been having for the past 3 weeks. This would not be a big deal if they had not supposedly fixed it 6 months ago....and I wasn't on the phone with them about 10 times about this issue in the past 4 years. Why haven't I switched to cable you ask?


which is silly because being sporadically without service and being on the phone for hours is a hassle. Cost...I don't have cable TV and cable internet service is more, add the phone line to it, add more....add cable because they give you a break with bundling makes it a bit more.

Loyalty ...and apparently patience. That's what customer service tells me.

I don't know why. I was just on the phone with AT&T because I couldn't get the system back up after 20 minutes. So, I spend 20 minutes waiting for a customer rep. to pick up my line, only to have her ask me the same questions I'm always asked (it dawned on me too late that I should have asked for someone higher) so I spent 30 minutes talking to her and she keeps telling me that she can't get a service person out here because currently my service is working. BUT, she can get me a line specialist....OH, an automated phone messenger will call me with an 800 number for me to call so that I can talk to a line specialist. This is because they are testing my line as I type and that may take up to 45 minutes. I mistakenly recently threw out the local BIG BOSS's number because I was essentially trouble free. Stupid. I've had a service person out here, they've checked the lines inside and outside the house. They checked the system at Command Central, they changed my modem ...and no, I don't have any electronics near the modem and yes, my computer is only 2 feet away and yes, it's wireless. And yes, I will be calling the cable guy.

I just spoke with Chris the Line Specialist...nice guy that speaks clear American English. Oh, and he works in the United States. Minnesota to be exact. The first service rep that couldn't help me was not in the U.S. Before you get on my back, I'm not bashing any ethnic group, I have a hard time with broken English. My brain just doesn't translate it well. I do have an issue with American companies not staying in the USA providing jobs for Americans, no matter their ethnic background.

A technician will be out on Sunday. At least they offered his services for tomorrow but I declined, I will be taking advantage of this beautiful weather and be freed by the wind (as it whips past my helmet and leathers) of this stress. Yes, the motorcycle was washed and is on it's trickle charge, getting ready for it's first ride of 2010. THAT is much more important than getting my line fixed a day earlier.

Apparently, although they changed wires the last time they were here and checked all other lines, no one made any changes to my 30 to 50 year old phone jack. Chris had me plug the modem directly into it and he saw TROUBLE, hence, the technician on Sunday.

Add to all this...I'll be without a computer for about 2 weeks. I've put off sending it out but the box is here, waiting for it's silver technology to be gently placed into it's foam cushion and be sent off to Apple Land. See, when I brought my computer into the store 3 months after owning it because the CD acceptor made an awful lot of noise, they said it was normal. And the guy that I talked to on Monday said that my troubles of slow loading and a color wheel spinning while I patiently waited for my page to load, wasn't my computer. Three days later I call Apple again, this time I got cerebral Justin. He walks me through a reinstall, a utility disc thing and NO he doesn't think my CD acceptor sounds normal at all and YES the CD should come out of it's slot when you ask it to -- without any fancy tricks.

Back to: Cute brown dog  -- he may be going to his new home on Sunday....but they'll have to want to work with him. I think I'll let them fall in love with him first before hitting them with his social misbehaviors and yapping. Only kidding. I told the mom last night that he barks and that he has some separation anxiety and that he likes to ride in cars and that he likes food a lot and that, yes, he is very cute and a overall a very good boy....and he waits for his food nicely when I ask him to. The 12 year old daughter has been asking for a dog and I don't think she's going to let them leave without him. LOL.

OK, I'm done. A bit calmer. Now, I'll go work some of this negativity off by carting wood from the front of the house (R. is working hard splitting it while I deal with this issue.) to the back of the house and stack it. The fresh air will do me good.

I hope you are all having a beautiful day and are experiencing this warm sunshine!


  1. I have cable and I have as many problems as you do. In fact my experiences are nearly identical to yours. So switching would have done nothing but cost you more money, most likely. I truly feel that my internet connection is the black hole of Akron, OH :p

  2. Also have to let you know your blog name is one of all time favorites!!! Some days things just fit TOO well. Check out my window treatment fiasco... will make you feel better about your wasted day.


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