Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Cabin in the Woods

How sweet does this look?

A couple weeks ago I was invited to my friend JT's cabin for an overnight. I was forewarned that there was no running water because it had been shut off, but the lake water would serve as toilet flusher. That doesn't bother me, as long as there's heat, I'm OK. It was one of the really really cold days that we headed up there and it started to snow. I was assured that the wood stove would heat up the cabin and we'd be toasty in no time. Well, apparently, he was not familiar with this wood stove as they had put it in before summer and had no reason to use it until now. The stove kept eating the wood without any consideration of throwing much heat into the cabin. I was freezing and wrapped myself in a down comforter. Late that afternoon we figured out that the damper was all the way open, but he still couldn't keep the heat in. Thank goodness for space heaters...and the fact that they hadn't shut the electricity off yet for the winter. His bedroom overlooks the lake and the hills behind it...I called that room but he was having nothing of it. "I wanted to see the sunrise, too, and besides it's my first visit there," I whined. We ended up sleeping in the same bed not only because he loves me and wanted me to have a beautiful experience, but also, just in case the space heaters failed...we would have each other to keep warm. We were both decked out in thermals and sweatshirts.

The next day we went thrifting and outlet shopping for a few hours...when we got back, the cabin was warm...he got the damper right just before we left. But, we couldn't enjoy it because we were heading back to CT. Makes for a good story and we laugh when we tell it.


  1. I like the looks of the cabin with the painted red trim! Was it as cute inside too? Sounds like you still had fun but I would have been grumpy without running water and no heat! You are such a trouper!
    Did you finds any "treasures" while thrifting?
    Stay warm! XOXO - Cindi

  2. did I find treasures? you are a silly girl...of course I found things. Mostly clothes for the fabric and a vintage sheet.


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