Friday, December 17, 2010

The Many Poses of Lucky

A couple days ago I picked up Lucky from the Humane Society. His anxiety was too high there and we had been contacted about us taking him into our rescue. We didn't have any pictures of him but were told he is a Giant Schnauzer. Shelly, my partner, is a Giant lover and was excited to be getting this guy in. The plan was for me to foster him until her return from Hawaii after the holidays. Secretly, I think she was planning to keep him. He is 13 years old and seniors are difficult to adopt out.

It turns out that he is NOT a Giant, he's more of a medium sized Schnauzer/Poodle mix. But, he is a very good boy and a young 13. You'd swear he is about 8 years old. He's active, has no medical issues, has his sight and his hearing.
Unfortunately, he is another surrender that has occurred due to the economy. The owner of Lucky, who she has had for the last 13 years of childhood into adulthood, had to move back in with her parents. After she had moved out a few years back, as empty nesters often do, her parents sold their home and moved into a condo. The young woman had taken Lucky when she moved into her own apartment, and now that she's moving back in with her parents, she's unable to have Lucky with her due to the condo association's No Dogs rule.

Often times a dog of this age will be euthanized due to the fact that they most often do not get adopted and generally there are health issues. If Lucky was any other dog than what he is, this is probably what would have happened. But, being that he is so young at heart with no health issues, he is now with us...and apparently very comfortable.

He's a good dog. Easy. Loves affection but is content as can be just being on the sofa or my antique barrel wing chair. He doesn't seem to get it that it's MY spot! LOL

How much more relaxed can a dog get?

When he first came he displayed some anxious whining for about an hour on and off. Since he found the sofa, he's been in heaven. Yesterday he discovered my bed while I was away. The toppled and squished down pillows gave him away. Apparently he likes to be cuddled in softness.

My general rule of thumb for the foster dogs is that they are not allowed on the furniture. But after 13 years of being able to be a couch potato there's no way I'm going to retrain him, nor do I want to. He's gentle on the furniture so what the heck. I will be closing my bedroom door when I leave, though. There's no need for him to be hogging my pillows.


  1. Awww, look at the long legs on that boy! He looks terrific and very comfy on that couch.

  2. OK...I'm going to say something that might make other people mad but....WHY would anyone move into a NO-DOG condo!? I mean, it's "their" condo! Geez! And another thing....I'd be living in a cardboard box in the park with my dog before I'd give him up after 13 years....OK, I know the economy is HORRIBLE but I would take 3 sucky jobs to make rent and keep my dog....anyway, sorry....I just don't get it. And I know what you mean about old dogs...they have almost no chance when they are abandoned at a shelter. I guess that's why I'd pick a senior over a pup....
    I'm so glad you Lucky with YOU!

    Oh, LOVE the sofa and the White Xmas tree...

  3. Sounds like a great dog...and a very manageable one...

  4. hey GP, yes, long legs, I think that's part of the poodle in him.

    Thanks Cindy, re: sofa and tree. I love both!

    and L. yes, he's a good dog and very manageable except he's not fond of being put into a sit/stay to wait for his food dish to go down. This is worth retraining him for.


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