Friday, December 10, 2010

Shauna Richardson -- Crochetadermy

Shauna takes taxidermy forms and crochets on them....ON them! whew!

Check out her website, there's lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, there's a bear anyway.

This is my favorite and it beats hanging the real thing for many.



  1. Oh Lord, please don't show her work to Dave. He might get the idea that I'd accept a crocheted deer head in the great room. His real one is waiting for him in Pennsylvania. I think I'll bury with him when he kicks the bucket.

  2. Richardson's site is unusual and fascinating. She's liberal with images but sparse with words.

  3. ya know, when I hear the word "crochet" I usually have god awful images popping into my those poodle toilet paper holder things (and I LOVE poodles!) but HATE that stuff and then there's
    I couldn't pick a fav but I'm leaning toward the bear in the shadows.
    Where do you find all this cool art!?

  4. OBCB-- my resources include, internet searches, other blogs, and books & magazines from the library or bookstore...

  5. I just found you from your tip on Pink Chalk Studio's newsletter. GREAT tip! WOW that deer is quite a find!


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