Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caitlin Hackett

I'm often amazed by what comes from artists' hands...and Caitlin doesn't disappoint...and look how young she is. She does the majority of her work large and in ball point pen.

Her work reminds me of this guy in my illustration class in college. (that was 22 years ago and I can still see him drawing so clearly in my head) His fantasy drawings were amazing, just amazing, pouring right from his fingertips...I thought then, "why are you here? go go go, get work, fly away and be great, you've already graduated in my eyes."

To me, Fantasy Art / Fantastic Art is just there inside you, begging to come out. I am so amazed by it. Since very young, I have been a draw-er, but even if I tried, I would not be able to pull the style out of me.


See more of her here and in this recent issue of High Fructose Magazine.

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  1. wow..."amazing" doesn't even begin to describe her talent.


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