Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Eye Candy

Aren't these gorgeous?

Suzy from Georgia Peachez, you can thank her....


She hoards vintage ornaments and glues her fingers together just to get these babies out in time for the holiday. They sell quickly, so go shop now! You'll find some other fun creations for gift giving, too.


  1. Hi Denise :) I've been sewing myself blind for an ornament swap so I haven't been posting or reading my favorite blogs (yours included). But... I have GREAT NEWS!!! We're adopting another toy rescue aussie on saturday :) His name, for now, is Tramp and he's lovely! The name is going to change along with the dynamic in our house. Livia is such a busy girl so a brother is just what she needs. We're praying it works out and we're so excited. I'll post pictures etc. on sunday or monday. I just wanted to share the news with you!

  2. I've made a couple of wreaths, and gluing your fingers together is definitely part of the process. Glue pot, wreath form, pile of ornaments--ready set go! They are loads of fun, and these ones are lovely. Don't know if I'd use my collection of vintage if I was going to make any more. I think I'd look for reproduction pieces.

  3. yummy eye candy I just became a follower Merry Christmas

  4. Suzy does make some gorgeous wreaths -- she's a super talented seamstress too.

  5. Thank you for the feature :->

    The wreaths are all gone now for 2010. Time to start collecting for next year!

    Happy Holidays!
    xo, suzy


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