Monday, December 6, 2010

Red Lentils and Rice

I just made this Red Lentils and Rice recipe that was on a new blog I found -- Casual Kitchen --

photo from Casual Kitchen

I didn't have the curry or cayenne but it still tastes yummy with a delicate taste of ginger. I've not made red lentils in awhile and was talking with a friend about them yesterday. The way she described how yummy she thought they were, made me want to rush out and get I did. Then I looked up a side dish recipe. Reading more of the blog, I found that I like what she has to offer as recipes and thoughts on food, too. So she's been added to my long list of daily wonder I don't get anything done around here.

hmmmm, will have to work on that.


  1. h wow - looks delicious... will have to check out the receipe.
    Thanks for stopping the piggys ~ to be honest, the previous owners would have been better off shooting them, rather than leting them loose and leaving them to run on public roads, ready to get knocked down, or kill a car driver. Makes me so freakin mad. Conversely, I'm glad we have them :O)

    Hope you are well and dandy X

  2. good point, but they didn't get killed thankfully...and now they are happy in shit. (had too -- I crack myself up sometimes) ;-]

    to see what pigs we're talking about...check out Abi's post on how this couple found her home...and now call it home.


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