Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Relaxing

The first day of 35 degree's been warm and somewhat balmy in this part of the Northeast -- I am not complaining, I like warmer weather -- and I am not complaining today, I've recently installed a wood stove and I am loving it.

I did tons of research and finally decided on a Jotul. It is highly regarded by many and there were only a few negative opinions on it. If you're looking for information or opinions on a wood stove to either purchase or for an existing one, I highly recommend going here. If you're looking for a wood stove in the CT, MA, RI area, for a good price and terrific service, you need to go here.

It's nice to be warm inside when it's cold outside -- due to oil prices, it wasn't always that way here. Plus, wood heat is different, more penetrating. Usually I am bundled up, scarf included...but today I am in a tank and shorts. Hooray for me. I really really have a hard time being cold through to the bone.

Cutie-Boy Hanzie and his tufted friend are liking it, too.

Now, time to load the wood rack, get those potted plants empty before they freeze and break, and put up the Christmas tree.

I hope you are warm and having a relaxing day where you are.

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