Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vegetable Compound for those "pick-on-everyone" feelings

I have a stack of old magazines from the 40's and 50's and I was flipping through one that, unfortunately, doesn't have it's cover on it so I can't tell you what it is. It does have lots of stories about relationships, like "I won't forgive my wife," "Love's Puppets," and "Thrill of a first Romance" and under a picture it says, "Mother looked all shiny and happy. 'Oh, Fran, our troubles are over, honey,'she said. 'Charles will take care of us now.'" and this one is great! "HUSBAND MENACE" "this is a story for all wives and sweethearts -- the confession of the 'other woman' in a love triangle." A caption reads: "Natalie was always tired, busy with the baby, and I had Jeff all to myself."  Yeah, such scandal! 

Well, it also has great ads...I pulled this one out because of some of it's words used and, of course, it's subject. This is a 2/3 page ad for Vegetable Cream! Look at the title! what a riot! If it worked so well for 70 years, you would think it would still be available to us for these last 50.

What makes it so funny is that things haven't changed in the female body in 55 years!! Well, except you have those women you want to shoot because they've never experienced discomfort or have been a 'she-devil' due to hormone fluctuation. 

I have definitely been a she-devil...come to think of it, it's not always during PMS...hmmmmm. 

So now you know the truth behind R. naming my blog what it is. LOL

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