Friday, December 11, 2009

Here's Bailey

Bailey was picked up last night and brought to me. A chain of events had happened where a very nice woman and huge animal lover intervened in a situation where her owner could not have her in the apartment building she was in, and brought her to us...bathed her first...and made a donation...for a dog that isn't hers. Gives you faith in people. 

Bailey is quickly getting used to being here, but is not familiar with the new sounds so she barks or runs and hides. As she's getting more confident...she's choosing the bark. It doesn't last long, just long enough to let you know she's not sure about it. 

I left for a few hours today and she was very well behaved just napping on her bed. I usually crate the new dog but I knew she was not crated in her former home and due to her personality so far, I figured it was a safe bet. I was right. Yay for me.

She'll be getting a new 'do and is now on a diet...she's overweight and has skin issues, both of which will be taken care of by a quality low grain, or, a grain free diet. 

Did you know that Wheat, Gluten and Corn are fillers in dog food making them cheaper to buy? Often what happens is the money saved on dog food, is spent on vet care because these ingredients, as well as others, effect the immune system and do not keep your lovely pet at optimum health. Skin issues, bladder issues, weight issues, tumors --can be caused by a poor diet....hmmmmm, much like humans. 

Hope you are having a great day, it's a bit chilly and windy in these parts.


  1. What a sweetie pie Bailey is. And you, too, Denise -- you rock!

  2. why thank you!

    and Bailey is a good girl and playful!


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