Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting things done one at a time

I finally put up new trim and painted it and the back door in the kitchen. It only took how long to get to this point? don't ask!

The door and trim were a very ugly almost taupe color.

My original intention was to strip it and stain it a nice brown to bring warmth into the room...but the summer came and went, it got cold, and I still needed to change it before I went crazy since other parts of the kitchen were looking more finished.

Here was my process:
prime it white, then brush wash it with pink

then brush wash it with yellow

And you get a very pretty orange



Now the front door and the back door make me smile.


  1. I probably would have stopped with the pink (love it with that fabulous green wall)....Love the orange too though.

    You've just given me some

    Btw, great blog name, and I can so relate! lol

  2. I liked the pink and I love pink with green but it doesn't feel right in my house (every room was going to be a pink color.)

    I chose the orange because I love the color of my pyrex mixing bowls in the 'Daisy' pattern ( and they will be on display.

    re: blog name -- I think many women can relate (and much to their chagrin, men too!) ;-)

  3. Denise, would you be willing to share the brands/colors you used to achieve that beautiful orange? It's perfect!

  4. Heather, I would love to but I mix the colors myself but true to my nature, I have no record of formula. I often look at what I have hanging around and mix until what I think I'm looking for...happens.


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