Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, Virginia.... belts and air bags really do save you from flying into the windshield. 

Well, this Christmas was not what I was planning...I was going to be blogging and showing off Christmas stuff and wishing all kinds of good things to everyone as the holiday was approaching...the Universe had other ideas...

Yup, that's my car. Consider it totaled. Not what I needed right now (actually, when does anyone need this?)

Long story short: Snow came down quickly after my niece's wedding reception in Eastern CT, within 15 miinutes quite a few inches had fallen, stop sign, no stopping, sliding, sliding, sliding across the road into a ravine, front end hitting boulders, car creates bridge over babbling brook, seat belts tighten, air bags deploy, two people not dead. 

My nephew was driving, he got a bruised knee from hitting the key (and bending the key!) Me, being flung forward and stopped by the seat belt, hurt my sternum and the muscles that attach it to my ribcage and spine. Some torn ligaments are involved....pain and discomfort very involved. Oh, yeah, and a sprained left wrist, which is still swollen.

This is not good for a person that has lots to do and isn't very good at being still when there's lots to do. I have, of course, over done it some days, working through the pain but it's stupid in the end because it takes longer to heal. So, I'm on very light duty and slow moving. I feel improvement each day but up until yesterday, if I sneezed (which, for some reason I've been doing and I normally don't do a lot of...) I wanted to hurt someone! OMG!! talk about stabbing pain! 

You don't realize how much you use certain muscles daily, even just getting into and out of bed, until those muscles are damaged...and sleep? what's that?

I'm driving R's car while I search for another one. I did some thinking and evaluating as I sat as the driver in his car. My nephew had a sore neck for a couple days and the bruised knee. I realized that as the driver your airbag comes out closer to you so that that when thrust forward your seat belt is not stopping you before the air bag does. As the passenger the seat belt has the impact before the air bag, therefore, causing a little more bodily damage. The air bag popping out and deflating is so quick! literally in a blink it's done. 

I am very thankful that no further damage was done to either of us, that we did not hit one of the two trees we seem to have skidded just between and missed -- and that Fire and Rescue was quick to the scene and very kind and helpful.

On Christmas, hugs were not as tight, or not at all, and I sat in one position a lot. I generally volunteer as clean up girl and dish washer, no one would even let me lift a plate. Which, I should be happy about, but I didn't like not being able to help in some way. 

Pizzelle's never got made and now will be made as New Year's gifts instead. I know, I know, horrors to some, they are definitely the Italian Christmas cookie but hey, I think those that love them will appreciate them even if they didn't come until May. 

I believe things happen for a reason, so now I am trying to figure out what that reason is... Maybe it's to be able to have some down time to get organized and be creative...hmmmmm. 

So that's what's been going on around here! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday with those that you love and enjoy! 


  1. Oh my gosh, Denise. I am so sorry to hear about this, but so glad that you are "okay," all things considered!

  2. Thanks Pam.

    At least I think I figured out why my low back and hips had been bothering me -- I think the Subaru's seats and/or clutching were the culprit because I haven't had the discomfort since the accident!

    Funny how life is...


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