Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Schnauzer finds a home

Bailey has gone to her new home today. When she met Barbara (Barbara is a 3rd time adopter from us) she gave her lots of kisses (I never even got any, hardly ever do from the fosters) and kept going over to her like she knew she was hers. Ralph, Barbara's 9 year old male Schnauzer, wasn't so thrilled that higher energy/playful Bailey would be accompanying him home. Ahhhh, maybe she'll bring out the 'boy' in him -- it often happens.

About 3 years ago a 10 year old dog named Nikki came to us because word traveled through the email/rescue circuit and there was news about her on TV. Everyone was horrified that her owner was going to put her down just because she was diagnosed with diabetes. When the owner delivered her to me, he told me, "we understand that she's just a dog, and we don't want to schedule our lives around her." Ugh. For those that do not know...dogs with diabetes need to receive insulin shots twice a day on a schedule of 12 hours apart.

Well, diabetes did not daunt Barbara. Nikki was one of the best dogs a person could ask for and Barbara gave her such a wonderful home and kind and tender care. She had Nikki for two and half years, the dog got more love in that time, I bet, than the 10 years she was with her first family. I was very saddened when she called me a couple months ago to let me know that she had to euthanize Nikki, she had gotten to such poor health, and at 12 1/2, it was time to go. She asked me to keep her in mind when a dog came in that I thought would be a match for her and Ralphie.

It only took a couple days to know that Bailey would be a perfect match...and today showed me that it was...I'm very happy for both of them.


  1. So happy that Bailey found a happy home. You are awesome, Denise!

  2. Why thank you -- I'll be super awesome when I find the right one for you!!


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