Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say Hello to Gonzo

He's a mix and I'm pretty sure it's a Yorkshire Terrier that got mixed up with Schnauzer, that makes him a Schnorkie. Hmmmm, a new designer breed?

Gonzo is not so thrilled about the picture taking...

After about 20 shots of his head in 'ignoring me' positions, he finally cooperated, realizing that the little box I was holding that made noise, wasn't going to get him.

To see his cute little face with his body that looks big due to his unruly hair...just makes him the downright cutest thing. His tail is constantly wagging, I walked with him off leash from the car to the front door with no wandering problems...he's a good boy...oh, except for the need to mark his territory in my house.

He's been with me for about an hour and is already attached. He is laying right at my feet. His breath is atrocious, I can smell it from here, he has maybe 7 teeth and at only 8 years old, it just goes to show how he was not really well taken care of.

He came from a man that had 5 dogs, this man has been asked to surrender them for about 3 years now by the ACO of a town not too far from me. Finally, he walked in one day with Gonzo, Gizmo and Fritz. Now to find them good homes. I think Gizmo is part Shitzu and Fritz is a Papillon. I wanted to take Fritz, too, and just might go back and get him. I'm currently looking for a Papillon rescue that can take him in. He's a cutey with a silliness about him. He is a senior with skin and hair loss issues. This is often remedied with a no grain food. He lists to one side so he may have an ear infection. I wish I had brought my camera because if you like little would fall for him and want to make him your own.

The other day we got an application in from an 82 year old woman that lost her Schnauzer 3 weeks ago and is beside herself without a little friend. We spoke to her Niece on the phone and said that it looked like we would be getting an adult male in, and they were very interested in him. Gonzo will be perfect for her. Although he came from a family of dogs, he loves attention and to be held. Apparently, this woman is all about her dog and Gonzo will surely love that. I spoke with her niece and asked what her accent was and she told me "Italian," I laughed, Gonzo knows Italian! She said her Aunt married into the Italian family so maybe she'd have to keep Gonzo for herself because she speaks fluent Italian. Also, her last dog was a Schnauzer so I asked if it mattered that it's a mix...she said the size mattered more so that her Aunt could easily pick him up...he weighs in at about 10 pounds maybe. It's so funny how things all line up in the Universe for a perfect fit.

They will be coming on Saturday to meet him, you know....just in case. Yeah, I know -- I know they'll fall in love. Every day the Aunt is asking her niece if they've heard anything about the dog, yet. She'll be very excited to find out they will meet him on Saturday. Bad breath and all, I think he'll be going to his new home in Rhode Island.

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  1. How 'bout that! A german schnauzer that speaks italian. He's going to clean up very nicely I can tell. What a cutie.
    xo, suzy


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