Friday, October 22, 2010

My Lucy Girl is Gone

She left just a bit ago. She didn't want to go, or that's how I perceived her body language. Her new owners will take very good care of her, I know, but her little face looked at me like "what are you doing putting me in this crate in this car?" as she was shaking like a leaf. I felt horrible. I couldn't talk and had to walk away and bawl my eyes out. Not really the last image I wanted of her, either. But, I will see her in a month at her next eye appointment...and she will wonder who I am. That's how it is with dogs that you transition, plus, with her being partially shut down anyway and being uncomfortable at the vet...I won't be getting any special how-d'ya-do's.

It's funny. Whenever a dog leaves here, even if it's the quietest dog you've ever met and was absolutely no trouble, when they leave, the house feels different....quieter....the house is quieter.

It won't last long, I'm dog sitting Bella for the weekend, she's a good girl. Next week I get Emma who needs some serious potty training at 4 years old. Yey for me. (yup, that was sarcasm)

Time to get busy to take my mind off things....


  1. Oh! I don't envy you with the potty issues that Bella has! I'm still battling that one myself. The little ones use their cloth potty pads but they also will use ANY thing else on the floor! So, no cute little rugs for me!
    Hey, I love the look of you Etsy shop! Nice items, well done!

  2. Hey Cindi, fortunately you read this's Emma the 11.5 Schnauzer I'll be getting that has potty issues!

    thanks for etsy compliment, now it's just adding more and figuring out the etsy widget again cuz this visual isn't working for me.

  3. Hiya Denise :) Yes I'm back and trying to remotivate myself. How are you doing? I've been following you daily through summer with Lucy. It takes a special person to pour all that love into a dog and then let someone else be the forever home. You truly are the diggity bomb in my book!


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