Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Broke My Camera

Yup! Can you believe it? I was taking pictures yesterday of things for my etsy shop and dropped the camera, lens extended -- and yes, of course, it's the lens that hit the floor. I was not happy. Just when you think you're getting ahead, the myriad of thoughts of buying another camera (this time out of my pocket, R. bought the current one) or paying out the butt for repair...swirl around in your head.

What's a girl to do? head to the computer, find Canon's phone number, call Canon and after answering most of the animated questions, hang up and fill out the form on the Canon website. Which, I'm glad I did because this is what I found out...I don't have to ship it half way across the country, just to VA, the fake phone gal had me sending it to IL. AND! it's under warranty so it's free free free -- I just have to find my receipt, I have my receipt, I always save my receipts...where the #$% is my receipt?

I answered the question on how it was broken and was surprised to find it was covered. I DROPPED IT. they don't cover for stuff like that....or do they really? Of course, once they get it and they possibly find something more wrong with it than the lens ring and shutters completely coming apart, I'll get an email asking me to send them a gazillion dollars to fix it. Or, I'll be pleasantly surprised and they will just send me an email saying they are returning it to me fixed (or sending me a refurbished one, or new one, or old one -- no guarantees on getting your original back) within the 7-10 day turn around time. Hey, as long as it's not all scratched and looking used and abused, I'll be fine.

Can you believe I did this?

Crap -- I wanted to take more pictures of Lucy before she left.

She's leaving me tomorrow.

She will have a good life.

I will worry about her for awhile.

I will see her in a month for her last eye appt. with me. 

I said I would dog sit if she ever needed someone (even though we live 2.5 hours from each other)

I will be fine.

I also wanted to take pictures of the treadle sewing machine I was taught how to clean yesterday so I can get it onto ebay.

UGH! I gotta borrow me a camera!!!


  1. Denise, I came upon your blog through the available dog page on the rescue site. I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the Lucy updates (I've been crying along with you BTW). Thanks so much for all you do for the little beards in need!

    Sue W.

  2. Darn, you can't do that special photo shoot we were chatting about the other day.

  3. Yes! Borrow a camera!
    You need those Lucy photos!
    It's so wonderful that Lucy is going to such a marvelous home....
    (I'm not a "hugger" but here -XOXOX, oh wait,
    Which are the hugs?! The X's?)


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