Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Down, Three to Go

Mia was adopted today. A mom and her two sons came to visit with Mia to see if they liked her in person as much as they loved her picture.


And she loved them, too. As soon as the older boy sat down, she was right there, head on his lap. She kept going to him more than the younger boy, I think there was a connection that he was not aware of. Just the way she would melt all around him.

It was great, 6 dogs jumping all over them (Lucy ran and hid in her crate) Timmy, of course, couldn't get a hold of himself and was just a jumping bean. The younger boy was laughing so much, what a joyous sound. Then there's Hanzie that HAS to be in on the attention action. He sat on whichever lap would have him, and when that wasn't working anymore, he'd go to the other, or bark to make it known that they should be loving HIM.

Even Bella, the black Lab I'm dog sitting for couldn't hold back. I've never seen her so animated. She was up on that sofa so fast twisting herself and walking over each boy and every dog. When seating became a minimum, she'd just leave her hind legs and belly on the sofa and her front paws on the floor, perfectly comfortable...hey, if your butt was getting a good scratch wouldn't you just stay there, too?

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  1. boy, that just makes it all worth it doesn't it!
    It's so nice to see a Happy Ending! :)


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