Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

My camera has returned! yeyyyyy.....well, truth be told, it's not MY camera, it's a replacement camera. And, for all those who couldn't believe that it was being fixed for zero wasn't. I knew it couldn't possibly be, no one fixes things for nothing when you drop it. I received an email from Canon letting me know that they received my camera for repair and that it would be $80 + $10 s/h + $5 tax. Ouch.

Within the email there is a blurb about Customer Loyalty Benefits, so before handing over my credit card number, I gave them a buzz...."what's this about?" I ask. The man on the other end of the phone tells me that if you don't want to pay for the repair, that you can upgrade (or downgrade) the camera for cheaper than if you were to buy them at a store. Essentially, they are referred to as refurbished, but what they are are the overstock of stores such as Best Buy. To 'upgrade' mine for the same camera would be $105. We talked a little more and I found out that my camera doesn't get repaired..they replace...with a 'refurbished' one. So, for $80 instead of $105 I was still getting a new camera.

I opened the box and found not only a camera but also all the things that typically come with it. An SD card, USB connection, video connection and 2 batteries, plus the CD about the camera. The strap is different, thicker, darker. I like the color but the strap opening is too big -- too much chance of slipping off my skinny wrist when falling, because, yes, I will always have the wristlet on from now on. Looks like the handy dandy sewing machine is going to make it shorter, too. I wish I had taken the other one off the original camera, I liked that it was thinner. Oh well, I'm just happy I have a camera again!

I have to say, whenever I've needed assistance about the camera or my Canon printer, the customer service rep or technical assistant was always pleasant and helpful. Good product and customer service? gets my vote!

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  1. I have a Canon so that was really good to know!!! However I have my heart set on a new one (not sure which one) but if I can upgrade to a refurbished one for cheaper... why not? thanks for sharing :)


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