Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cart Before the Horse

Cart Before the Horse is a husband and wife team, Dylan and Jo and they are having a give away of one of their very fun skellies.

I've followed their blog for quite some time and get their newsletter which Dylan writes and always has an interesting story to tell. Dylan sews the folk art characters and Jo paints them. Dylan has his own thing going and creates songs and puppets playing in a band. He can be found on youtube, the creativity amazes me.

Here's some of their recent Halloween inspired work:

Check out more folk art characters at their etsy shop for more eye candy.


  1. Thanks for sharing the love!

  2. I ADORE these two!
    I've been following them on Ebay since I think 2006!
    They are FANTASTIC!
    I wish I had a "Dylan" and I wish I had Jo's talent! What a team!


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