Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucy is Home -- Her New Home

Lucy has done well with her first evening and full day in her new home.

The little shit actually seemed to show no remorse when she got to her new place. She didn't run to her crate, she relaxed with Tom on the sofa watching TV, she had walks shoulder to shoulder with Lady and she chawed on a bone. Yes, the little shit. Isn't she supposed to miss me?

That's the thing with dogs, they acclimate, move on, do what they need to do.

I'm happy that she is OK. She's eating....always a good sign with transition. She's enjoying her walks. She always loved her walks at camp and being outside in general.

I do miss her, but this is good. She has been a fighter and a survivor from the beginning and she will continue to thrive and blossom.

If you'd like to keep abreast of her progress, her new mom has made a blog for Her and Lady. I have, of course, become a follower, and you can, too. Here's the beginning of her new story.

How friggin' cute is she? just love that girl.

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