Thursday, October 7, 2010

2nd Down, Two to Go

Bella has left the building...

We were outside with Bella when her owner showed up, as soon as she saw him get out of the car she galloped over to him, he opened the back door, she jumped in and trampled her way to the front seat. Um, she's not too happy to be going home.

Now I can vacuum up Black Lap hair for the last time....well, until her next stay over.

One reason I like non-shedding dogs is the fur/hair factor. I'm a little anal with the vacuuming already, to have to do it once or twice a day? Worse is that Bella likes to be on my sofa while I'm not home. Like I said, I'm anal about vacuuming and this includes furniture but to see black hair all over it? and all the black dust bunnies on the floor? Well, it wouldn't take too long for me to be over it. For the purposes of dog sitting, I can handle it.

Bella also likes to be under foot. I trip over my dogs on a regular basis especially in the kitchen when food is being prepared, but at least they know to get out of the way after being stepped on once or twice. But Bella? she just sits there with her pretty pouty face totally not getting the fact that she's right in my path to the refrigerator, or sink, or stove.

Look at this pathetic you gotta love it.

Fortunately, she's a good girl, just doesn't realize she's 70 pounds.

Whenever Chuck & Carol go away and I dog sit for them, they feel the need to bring me back a gift. It is very generous of them, but so unnecessary.

On this trip to New Brunswick they came to a little shop that sells jewelry with minerals and rocks. This is what they picked out for me...

Tiger's Eye, something I haven't seen in quite some time. And no, they couldn't just get the ring....or the bracelet...or the earrings...funny thing is, Chuck was almost apologizing when he said, "they had bigger earrings but they were too much money" WHAT!!!??? they shouldn't have spent what they did! Very sweet of them, they are ALWAYS good to me. Our relationship had started as client/painter and blossomed into a very close friendship. So much so that if they die, I get Bella. Oh, wouldn't she be thrilled about that!! LOL

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