Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling Sad? Go Thrifting!

Writing yesterday's post gave me a low hum in my body. Add to it events from the day before that are not Lucy related, but were very disappointing, I was on slow motion.

So, what's a girl to do? Go thrifting. I had some stuff to drop off at MFLTS (my favorite little thrift store) so I looked around and, of course, found a couple things.

About a year ago I spotted a white soup tureen for $3.50 at MFLTS and didn't buy it. Went back for it and it was gone. I regretted it and have kept an eye out for another to come along....and it did. Look at this beauty. It's stamped on the underside "CALIF  H16  USA" cost? $4.50 and I love it's shape.

At the same store I found this gem, a vintage plastic crystal tissue box cover. It has a bottom that slides out and holes in it so that it can be wall mounted. Cool.

Then Goodwill called my name. It's been awhile since I've gone there as I prefer smaller, charitable types of thrift stores, but I can often find some vintage fabrics....and that I did!

These vintage sheets and pillowcases which are in excellent hardly faded condition.

Some vintage fabric

and these fun vintage plates that the surface looks like they've not been used, not cut with a knife, anyway.

Most will end up in my etsy shop, but the soup tureen and a bit of the fabric is mine to keep. It was a pretty good day of getting some treasures, when I should have been grocery shopping and moving some stuff out of my living room to be ready for a dinner guest.

Speaking of moving things -- I found this piece (it's really lightweight and not a quality piece by any means but I like it's look) on the side of the road a few months ago.

I had to move it out of the living room because I had placed it where my wood goes for the winter months of heating with the wood stove. I temporarily placed it in the kitchen/dining area thinking I'd probably get rid of it...I kinda liked it there, but my house is small and I'm trying not to have too much furniture in it. Then my guests mentioned it on their own that they liked it there, so there it stays, for now, until I get a whim and it has to be gone. I wondered what I would put in it, not wanting to have a cluttered look, maybe my milk glass vase collection? then it hit me...I'll make it into a bar type of thing. I have vintage bar glasses that are in my hutch in the Living Room (which I think I'll be moving out of there, too -- yeah, it doesn't stay the same too much around here) I can put the glasses in this case, because I think they are nice and I like having them on display. So we'll see how it comes together. In the meantime, I like the piece with the dog art and I have a starburst clock above it.


  1. You are both incorrigible and delightful.

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