Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did You Know This?

When I get checks from people, I usually go to their bank to cash it... experience has taught me to do that... I went to Bank of America today and went to cash a check that is FROM THEIR INSTITUTION and the teller asks me if I have an account with them, I said that I didn't (forgot my credit card is with them) and as she is flipping open this little box she says, "please put your finger on the pad and then on the check so that I can cash it for you." WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT? No FRIGGIN' Way!! I looked at her (and I tend to immediately react to things that get my ire up) and I say, "NO. That is so wrong! so wrong!" uh, I'm getting all worked up about it as I type.

You know what gets me, is that people are so used to this crap that they just go ahead and do it without even thinking how ridiculous it is. As an American citizen you have rights people. Don't be just a cog on the wheel. I want to stand there at the counter when people go to do it and say, "what are you thinking??? the only time you should be fingerprinted is if you are headed to the military or prison. PLEASE for cashing a check? I have two forms of I.D. (which I was handing her as she was telling me what I needed to do.) I walked out. I immediately called someone I know that's into this type of stuff, he told me it's been going on for maybe two years and that since my credit card is with them, they wouldn't need the finger print. I wanted to go right back in there and inform them again of how wrong it is and to say that they have to cash it because my CC is with them. But due to my heightened distaste, he suggested I wait, or go to another BOA. My friend also informed me that they'll charge money for cashing the check but they don't tell you until they've put it through. He told me to google it and I'd find a plethora of information and upset about this.

Wrong Wrong Wrong

There's a reason for the expression, "Cash is King"

Thought that if you didn't know about this...that you should.


  1. I agree with you, but the interesting thing about BOA is that you can get a credit card without a social security number, which I also think is wrong. The whole banking industry is wrong.....

  2. I don't think getting a credit card without an SS# is wrong at all, I think it's soooo right.

    The SS# is so over used for simple identifying purposes, now many companies have changed to using your birthday as an identifying number to your files due to over use of SS# and all the whole stolen identity thing. Essentially the SS# was created for tracking purposes. Ever hear of "The Right To Privacy"? yup, this fits in right there.

    I do agree that the banking industry has turned into something more than it should be. This is what power does and BOA wants to be the one with the most toys, and will probably end up just this side of being a monopoly.


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