Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have had two tag sales, have been selling on ebay, etsy, consignment, Craigslist and have been giving stuff to the thrift store, also donated 2 truck loads of furniture and 1 station wagon load of things to a friend's tag sale that was a fundraiser....and I still have so much more....

My question -- where did I fit all of this stuff? My house is only 750 square feet, I have a one bay garage and about 80 square feet in the basement that I am storing things in. The rest is filled with 'art' stuff. It's embarassing, but believe it or not my living space doesn't look like I'm a hoarder (most of the time) ----- I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder ---- I can't help it that I like to save stuff from the landfill, and like visual eye candy, and buy things that I hope someone else will like, see, I can picture this stuff in your homes! ...or have to take friend's things to sell/get rid of/give away... But what's happened is that it's bogging me down and I feel often like it's an uphill battle but I am determined to rid myself of excess 'stuff' (even if it might take me 20 years!) LOL

From now on it's only fabric and sewing related items that I can buy, used or vintage, of course. 

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