Thursday, May 27, 2010

Waiting...and a new season of Camp...

Sitting here waiting for the Comcast technician. Yesterday I talked to a customer service rep because my password to get into my email didn't work. I had had a trouble ticket# from a problem a couple days before so she looked it up. Apparently, her information said that they had to change my password in order to get into my email to see what was up. The email they sent me said that they looked at the problem. period. THIS is the ongoing issue I have with Comcast...lack of communication...did you think maybe you should tell me my password is different????? So, while on the line with said Rep, I say to her, "can you hear that static?" she said she could...I said, "yeah, I get that a lot" "Oh, yeah, I also get people that call me and they receive a message saying something about the number not being available. Hmmm, care to fix that, too?"

My neighbor said when they switched it took about 2 months for everything to come together, but they have cable, too.

He's here now and having what sounds like similar difficulties that AT&T had. It's gotta be the house, maybe there are some spirits roaming around causing electrical difficulties, or my house is on top of some sort of electrical field! Yeah, that's it!! LOL LOL

"a new season of Camp..."

LOL sounds like a TV show. How about " Camp!" actually, I never watch the show but I understand the last episode made people cry.

The Camping season has started and we will be taking the long weekend to finish opening up the camper (we spent a few hours there on Sunday) when we moved the camper in a way that gives us more land space and more sunshine. The camper is more shaded which means it will be cooler but that's what flannel pajamas are for, right? Yup, even during the summer months it's cool up there in the woods at night.

Many signs have been posted about the black bears that are up there (the site is in the Berkshires) and in very large letters it reads, "DO NOT LET CHILDREN ROAM ALONE OR THEY MAY GET EATEN!"  No, I'm kidding.... it says, "ALL CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT" But they really meant what I first said.

As you might know, I have my two dogs that go up with us, and being the crazy Terriers that they are, there will be re-acclimation needed. It's pretty quiet around here as far as not many people coming and going, and there, it's quiet overall, but soooo many more people for Hanz to want to "talk" to. So I have those two, and I'm dog sitting a Bichon that apparently likes to talk to other dogs when on walks, and then there's Lucy. Yup, we're bringing Lucy. This all took some convincing on R.'s part because as soon as he mentioned it he could feel my stress, but he's good, he offered all kinds of help so we could just get away and have a nice weekend. We'll see if I actually relax, I'm worried about Lucy and how she'll feel.

The Comcast tech has left and really didn't find anything wrong, changed out the modem, checked the lines a number of ways, etc. He told me something I didn't know....get a 6mhz phone, with a satellite if you want two phones in the house. He said anything lower than a 6 gets interference with the modem and that could be the problem...and the satellite phones work better with the 6's. Cha-ching, it always involves money. Do I want to spend my money on a new phone? no, I'd rather spend it on other FUN stuff thank you very much. I'm thinking now...I don't actually use my home phone much, what's a little static? I think I'll wait until one appears. It happens, you know, if you're patient, what you need will appear, it always does for me.

Time to get back to packing the car.

Hope you are all enjoying this 'a-little-bit-cooler-than-yesterday' weather -- here on the East Coast anyway.

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  1. Let me know if the problem reappears. I work for Comcast.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


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