Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Megan Has Arrived

Whiney, high pitch barking, spoiled, scared, cutie girl Megan has entered the building...

For 12 years old the girl looooooooks goooood.

She's got lots of life, even if there's only a few teeth left, and she's slim and active. Her owner went into the hospital in November and Megan went to stay with 'grandma.' Well, unfortunately, her owner passed a couple weeks ago and because 76 year old grandma never intended on having a dog...she surrendered her to us. Megan was very well taken care of -- groomed every six weeks, regular vet visits, lots of love and comfort.

She's fine with my dogs, a little sniff here, a little sniff there, curious about these other furry beings. She has taken to my electrician, standing only a foot away from him, not saying a word, just watching him work.

My Weezie yelled at her when she walked over the bed Weezie was resting in...Megan wasn't even fazed. I think because she wanted to get to me it didn't dawn on her that she should have been afraid of, she should be, 'cuz Weeze will give her the 'what for.'

Usually 12 year olds are difficult to place, but if I didn't tell anyone her age, people would probably guess that she's around 8. So, we'll get her picture up on the site and find out who's willing to give an old girl a little love.

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