Monday, May 3, 2010

Gardening 101

I'm not a gardener by any means...but I'm good at making what's there look neat. Thanks to the help of mulch....mulch makes it all better. Even after I put the layer of compost down I began to feel better.

This is what I spent the hot weekend doing. I got an early start this year so now all I have to do is put in some filler plants. Last year I tore apart (well, I didn't do it, R. did) the gardens and added some topsoil to make them pitch correctly. Things got moved around, so it's almost like starting over. A gardening friend started my garden 6 years ago as a cottage style, but it got over run with what was planted so out most of it came and now I'm working on it being a little more organized but not formal in any way. Due to the re-do, some plants didn't come back, like my one and only Lupine that I seeded and hoped for many more this year, which makes me very sad, and I was given some lamb's ear that I planted last fall and I lost some of that...

One thing I'm very happy with is that my ground phlox, although it did pretty well in the past, I moved it to an even sunnier spot and it's full, healthy and looking oh so pretty. See the Azalea on the upper left? I've had it since the garden started 6 years ago and it's done much of nothing...time for it to be to someone else's yard! The Knock Out rose bush was given to me last August as a gift from a did pretty well so I'm expecting great things from it this year. They are supposedly very low maintenance and hardy...right up my alley! See where that metal pole is on the left? I'd love to plant a Coppertina tree there but I don't know if that area gets enough sun. A client that is an avid gardener has one and it turns a coppery color for's very pretty.

Last week I was given a few starters of Montauk Daisy bushes from a client, which bloom late summer. I have to figure out where they will end up but they are only about 4" tall right now so I have a couple years before they start to look like anything, in the meantime, they are resting nicely in a sunny spot.

I accidentally killed the bee balm I planted last year but fortunately for me, the woman that gave it to me was offering more up via Freecycle so I've started again. It'll be great when it's really rooted and flourishing. I love bee balm, looking at it makes me happy and the scent is wonderful. I've put in plants that are about 6" to 8" high and even the greens smell delicious. I planted some in the garden in the front of the yard and here in front of the window....

so when I have the windows open I'll be able to absorb their perfume. If they weren't so much work I'd have a garden full Dahlias. Oh be still my heart, they are gorgeous! On a motorcycle ride last year a house we passed had them all lined up in the front of his fence in a few colors...bursting blooming colors all gathered together nice and tall with their big was a beautiful sight.

Next task is to find the best solution for the hose. I really dislike garden hoses, they are unwieldy and ugly. I might look for a pot to wind it up in or a low hook...I just don't like it to be visually part of the garden but I do want ease of use. 

This guy is on my front step...

a friend's mom was throwing it out, can you imagine such a thing? It had Denise written all over it. A metal Schnauzer...perfect. Plus, it has the bent ear that my first Schnauzer wore every day.

Hope your weekend had it's adventures!

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