Friday, July 16, 2010

Crock Pot Yogurt Complete

OK, so I made the yogurt, followed the directions explicitly, even delaying my normal bedtime in order to do so. I unveiled it this morning, it's supposed to be ready to eat....well it may have been ready to drink! ugh. I've put it in the fridge and it has set up more a bit, but it's not like I've purchased in the store....well, it might be like the one you buy at Aldi -- loose. I was thinking of draining it, collecting the whey, etc. but I'll just add the granola and eat it as is, or just put it into my smoothies.

After all this I thought to myself, "well, you could do it the counter top/stove top way and see if it works better" OR "YOU COULD JUST GO GET A DAMN YOGURT MACHINE!" there must be plenty around that are shoved into the back of the cabinet with the crock pot, ice cream maker, bread maker and treadmill. So, now I'm on the hunt for a machine to do the work for me. Brilliant!

But I will be making Cornbread this weekend in the Crock Pot up at camp. I'll let you know what happens there.

Have a great weekend...hopefully the humidity won't suffocate anyone. I think it's more humid here in CT than it is in Florida!


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  1. ahhh..... yuck! You could DRINK it!?... ggggag!
    on my NEXT trip to Goodwill (tee hee) I'll look for a damn yogurt machine.


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