Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That Lucy Girl

I bought Lucy an 'Easy Walk' harness for her after eye surgery walking. I read that you should have a harness instead of a collar so it doesn't strain veins and muscles that lead to the eyes. Makes sense to me. So I did some research and also paid attention to the fact that my neighbor had the 'Easy Walk'. I went to PetSmart, the woman that helped me apparently does some training classes there and just raved about this harness. $26 later, I'm walking out with the latest and greatest.

I put it on Lucy Friday night and wasn't thrilled with the fit, but thought I'd try it for a few days. If I didn't like it on her, I would try it on Hanz, his chest area is built differently so it may fit him better. I don't really care for the way the front loop that attaches to the leash, has a lot of play, but I wanted it for Monday, her surgery date.

After getting home from camp in the early afternoon, I put on my gear and we rode our bikes to a picnic. I got home around 6pm and went to check on Lucy....what do I see? her harness laying on the toweling right next to her -- with pieces missing. She completely chewed the strap that goes under her chest then slipped it over her head to get out of it. She not only chewed the strap, but also the buckles so I couldn't even repair it by sewing it if I wanted to -- and yes, I wanted to.  $26 and 3 days of wear.

I called Angela to tell her of Lucy's antics. She told me that she tried that harness with her Crazy Cassy and didn't like it at all. (I usually ask all around to see if others like things, why I made this decision myself I do not know) she said she tried a few different ones and wasn't happy until she found the 'Sense-ible Dog Harness'....I'll be checking out that one next. Lucy will have an e-collar on for quite some time, so she's not going to be able to chew it off herself if she gets annoyed with it on her. Typically, I'd take it off when not in use but with the e-collar it might be easier leaving it on.


  1. What about a "Puppia" harness? They come in a variety of colors, are cute and stylish. And my boys love to look cool! LOL!
    I plan on getting one for both Jimmy and Ralphie and you can get them for a good price on Ebay.

  2. chewed through the strap, tenacious!!

    Me pugs both have harnesses, so I can't choke theme to death!


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