Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday I was reading The Pioneer Woman's blog, it's fun to read, she's got a great sense of humor, laughs at herself, she has a plethora of things you can check out and read about...she's a photographer, has a she fits everything into a day and take care of her family, too? beyond me.

That's not what I wanted to tell you, though. She's having a 3 camera give-away. 3 cameras! just because she wants to. BUT GET THIS -- she has 64 pages of 400 comments per page! You do the math....In other words, she has a SHIT LOAD of readers that want to win this camera!
Holy Crap (yes, so do I -- remember? I'm looking for a new one?) OK, let's say, some commenters linked over just because they heard about the give-away....what? maybe 20%? or probably less, I've noticed she does have a lot of followers...hey, just her romantic love story of how she got hooked up with her husband is enough to keep you reading. It's like a freakin' romance novel you'd pick up for summer reading and read it in two days because you keep wanting to know more! LOL .... and I don't read romance novels, I'm more of a non, fiction, research and facts kind of girl, and I got hooked!

Good thing for random number pickers, cuz that would be daaaays worth of writing out names!

The drawing is today, I believe...if you need a camera, too, hop on over there. What's funny is when I posted my comment, I went back in the comments section to find it because I wasn't sure it posted (I have that problem now and again) You know how you're usually the last on the list so it's right there? well, apparently about 1,000 other people were commenting within that 5 minute time frame and I had to go back 2 pages to find my comment! She ask that it be one post per blogger, but geez, how would she know? Of course, I couldn't cheat and I almost posted again because I couldn't find the original but I felt guilty about the possibility of commenting two times, so I spent 7 minutes looking for my comment. Like I have nothing better to do in my life...oh, how we get caught up with silly silly things.

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  1. OMG, I think I hate you!
    I stopped over at the Pioneer Woman's blog and I've been reading that darn love story ever since. I had to force myself to stop so that I could catch up on the posts of my other fav blogs! and now I WANT a Marlboro Man!


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