Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easy Homemade Granola

I found the recipe on The Amateur Gourmet's blog...she got it from this cookbook:

I doubled the recipe. After putting the dry ingredients together with the wet ingredients, I remembered that I don't particularly like real sweet granola, so I tasted it. Yup, too sweet for me, I added 2 more cups of oats. I also chopped my almonds, don't have hazel nuts so omitted them, ditto on the dried cherries, and raisins won't go in until after I go back to the store. Other than that! LOL.... was still warm and I couldn't wait, I scooped some plain yogurt into a bowl and put a few spoonfuls of granola on top. Yummy.

My original intent was to make Crock Pot Yogurt. I've never made yogurt so this was a double experiment. I don't drink milk so it took me 10 minutes yesterday standing in front of the all the milk available to me in a half gallon. I was looking for organic and NOT Ultra-pasteurized. I finally found one, I couldn't find much on the homogenization and pasteurization so I took it as the best choice. WELL, today, as I'm decanting it, I'm looking for homo/pasteur info. and I find it in VERY light type in a VERY small font. You guessed it! ULTRA PASTEURIZED!! Ugh! $4 down the tubes, since it was opened, I can't return it unless I lie about it's taste or something and I don't want to do that. Fortunately, my neighbor's kids drink milk so I'll give it to them. Ugh.

I was mostly disappointed because I really wanted to make it this morning, didn't want to hoof it to the store for another half gallon, but it looks like someone else had different plans for my morning. This is going to end up being very expensive yogurt. The things you do to try to be more health and earth conscious.

If I don't make it soon, the plain yogurt I bought for 'starter' will be completely gone.

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  1. Is organic milk the milk that comes from cows that DON'T have miserable lives. But the kind that are free to roam? (Sorry! Duh!)
    Personally, I HATE milk, I do like the Vanilla Soy Milk...


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