Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'

OK...say you're a woman in her late 40's/early 50's on a one lane dirt road, riding your bike with your husband and two teenage boys. All of you are spread across the road and a 1990 F250 extended cab was coming up behind you -- RIGHT behind you...

would you:

a. Move out of the way
b. Tell your boys to move out of the way
c. Listen to your husband to move out of the way
d. Keep talking on your cell phone

Answer? d.

Coming home from camp yesterday we came up behind this family, not very quickly as it's a road you can't travel real fast on and there are always bikers. So we crept up to these people, people who remained completely oblivious. Although the boys glanced at us, they just kept riding their bikes part way in the road up ahead a little, the husband (apparently the only one with brains in the family) pulled aside to let us by and the Mom? kept peddling uphill, right in front of the passenger side of the truck, totally oblivious to us being there, continuing to talk on her cell phone. Not only was she chatting away (it must have been a very important call) but she at one point took her mouth away from the phone to ask her boys a question and gave the answer to whomever was on the phone. In the meantime, the husband is yelling to her "hey, get out of the way" "hey, watch out" "hey, hey, hey." she started to drop her bike because she could no longer balance with one hand and going uphill -- while STAYING ON THE PHONE! partially in our line of travel. STILL not acknowledging the fact that she has a big ass truck behind her. The husband was yelling to her that he'd help her with the bike, he came up along side of us and apologized, I just looked at him and said, "WOW."

I was flabbergasted and couldn't shake it for a few miles down the road. How can a phone call be more important than your family's or your own life?? I just didn't get it... I still don't.

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  1. People are so incredibly stupid. But if you hit her, she would have been crying about how it was all your fault!
    This is not the same but, I hate when people come to pick up their dogs here at work and you try to give them information, like that their dog had diarrhea and is now on medication for it, but they are just TOO busy talking on their phone to take a moment to listen. Then later, they will call back and ask questions! AARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!


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