Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swelling Up

My calves, ankles and feet are so swollen from this heat and humidity, (a friend calls them Cankles) I feel like you could pop them with a pin...if feels weird to walk.

Just thought I'd share  LOL


  1. Hmmm. I don't get swollen.
    Or maybe it's because I'm already swollen to begin with.

  2. ditto over here, but add my hands and elbows into the mix. The barometric pressure makes my arthritis just go banana cakes. I have a few questions about dog adoptions. We're looking for a full size female aussie to add to the family so Livia has a playmate. I'm a little concerned cuz the lady we found one with is no longer associated with the national aussie rescue group ARPH. There was a falling out regarding dogs and liability. I'm afraid to do the adoption now. These are the questions I came up with, can you let me know what else I should be asking? 1) Can I see the legal documents that proves you have legal custody to adopt out this dog? 2) Can I see the vet statement showing me what shots or treatments she's had? 3) What kind of assessment did she go through regarding temperament before you listed her for adoption? 4) Since the previous owner was a breeder, what papers or documents do you have from her regarding this animal? Denise, what am I missing or should we just walk away?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts...