Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AAARGGHHHH! can you say distracted?

So! have you ever burned your teapot? I never did...until a few minutes ago. I put some water on for tea and because I am easily distracted, forgot to put the cover on. Guess what happens when you do that? you don't hear the whistle -- because there isn't one to be heard when all the steam is coming out the top!

Teapot bottom:

Teapot bottom on beautiful vintage burner:

Teapot exterior after having explosive burnt hot water spatter it:

I'd say it's a goner. 

I was very involved, and very very frustrated I might add, in trying to figure out how to get an ebay widget that wasn't so darn large. As you see by my sidebar, I didn't succeed. I googled it, I tried a few different sites, only to find out after putting in all types of design choices -- that it doesn't work. Oh, they talk about ebay applications and show you examples, but in the end, they didn't work. Pee'd me right off.

Add to it a whiney blonde, yup, seems to be a regular thing around here, and the internal tension gets high. I finally decided to check out what she might want instead of throttling her. Food. MORE food. Good thing, I guess, because I had started to smell something but I thought it was the wood stove getting pretty hot...NO, it was my teapot about to catch fire!

I'm quite bummed. It was a gift. A gift actually that at first I thought, "hmmmm, I don't think it's me." Then I started to use it and actually liked how it went with my vintage appliances in the kitchen. I guess I will be looking for a new one now. ugh.

Guess I'll go eat another choco-chip cookie...oh, yeah, I very much over-cooked the last dozen of them yesterday, too. Yup, I was trying to do a number of things, and got on the ding dang computer. No, I don't have a timer. Guess I should look for one of them, too. ;-)

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