Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look Out My Window with Me

As I sit at my desk, if I tilt my head up, I see this through a window...

It is peaceful -- snow laying there, looking pretty. There's not a lot of accumulation. I can hear the sounds of snow melting, traveling down the gutter pipe. This means I probably won't have to shovel because it will fade away due to the wetness of the driveway from rain and wet snow yesterday. I like the pretty, I don't care for the shoveling as much. 

As I look to my left, I see this cuteness that has to keep me in his sight. 

Gonzo meets with his potential new family this morning...cross your fingers, although, I don't know how they couldn't fall in love, he's really a good boy and has this cute silliness about him. 

The first night here he cried, howled, scratched at the bed and paced roamed my little Ranch. I imagine he felt alone, lonely, he wanted to sleep with me, he was probably used to sleeping with his Master. Last night though, he was an angel. I put him in the crate, he whimpered a little and then was silent, all night. Oh, I was so happy. Not that it probably would have mattered, I probably would have slept through it...I was dead tired due to the night before of only 4 1/2 hours of bed time. The sleep time within that was minimal due to his neediness, and my dogs needing to go out about 4 different times. It's been 3 1/2 years since I haven't allowed them to sleep with me....payback's a bitch...3 1/2 years of broken sleep each night because they need to go out to pee. They never have to go out at the same time, and my 15 1/2 yo sometimes goes out 4 to 5 times in one night. No wonder my brain doesn't function properly! (When they sleep with me, it's through the night and then I have to get them out of bed in the morning.) 

Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and telling her about Gonzo's howling. I reenacted the sound,  (I can't help myself for some reason when it comes to dog sounds)
and as I did, guess who started singing with me? OMG, it was soooooooo cute! So bleeping cute, I couldn't stop myself. We couldn't help but giggle and be effected by the soulfulness of the sound. If I had an idea of how to get a video (I think this super duper functioning Mac that I have no idea what I can do with except type could possibly do it) I would have done it for a YouTube moment. But, alas, I can only share through words.

Just sitting here for the last half hour, the tree in the picture has changed already, the snow is melting off....

Here's hoping you don't have to shovel either. 

ps: here's the look of a girl that is having gastrointestinal issues and wants me to help her out...

all she knows how to do is pace and whine...all I can do is be at the ready when she needs to exit the back door. 

**She just went toward Gonzo in his bed. 

Gonzo started to give fair warning, "you are coming too near, back off now."

.......this morning's play by play has been brought to you byyyy.........

....a crazy woman that enjoys the antics of the dogs in her keep.

Have a great day everyone!!

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