Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I blinked and the week was gone...

or I should say 12 days. Seriously, I feel like I was sleeping and just woke up. I've had tunnel vision painting a dresser, going through all the stuff I'm getting rid of, posting and packaging ebay items... I hadn't sold on ebay in quite some time and I forgot how long everything took. Plus, I have accumulated much more than I thought. It will be a busy rest of winter. Now I'm looking around at things I want to keep and I'm asking myself, "do I really need to have that?" I might even be successful at getting down to the bare minimum. Well, what would be considered the bare minimum for me, which means, it's not really a bare minimum. Hey, I can't help it that I'm a visual person.

I repainted a vintage dresser to serve as a buffet in my kitchen. It was in the LR area being used as a stereo holder...key holder, book holder, 'this goes in the basement' get the picture, a messy catch-all. A couple years ago I put this color on as a base coat with thoughts of more decorative things to come. I was going to do a faux zebra wood wood grain but lost site of it, I got caught up in so much more. So, for the new incarnation, I kept this base...

Then I put a wash of an orangey salmon color on it:

The blonde blob in the picture is just my Weezie girl thinking she found a nugget of something tasty.

A wash of rosey pinkish reddish (like how I describe color? ;-) ) was applied on top of that:

Now I'm in search of knobs that will fit the style and be somewhat feminine at the same time. I found something at Ocean State Job Lot that's very simple, has a modern feel and is shiny. I'd prefer to find something used or vintage but at $6 total and the piece is finished...I might have to go for it. 

Later today I hope to get a moment to give an update on Lucy...she's making progress, little by little.


  1. i have some pretty knobs you could have. Can you wait til next time we meet? If I get my act together (haha) I can mail them....

  2. oohhh la laaaa....sounds sweet to me...very nice of you, thanks!!

    I won't watch for them in the mail (hee hee) but look forward to our next meet up.


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