Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't know why I'm amazed each time

each time I find items in the trash that could have been donated. It literally churns my stomach up to know how often people throw perfectly useable things away when they could be appreciated by someone else.

Case in point: Mint in Box Faucet (dated 1988,) brand spankity new Rival Crockpot (the box was a mess) Universal brand coffeemaker in GREAT condition with insert and plug (love it!) Corelle coffee mugs, Tupperware Pie carrier, Tupperware divided dish with cover and handle, small vintage piggy bank.

I went dumpster diving recently...I was told by a friend about some garbage thrown away and he thought maybe I'd find something. These are a few of the CAR FULL of things I rescued. A lot of it I brought straight to the thrift store...linens, organizing bins, ice skates, backpack, and more. These I brought home to clean up to keep and to sell. (The bank, mugs, tupperware divided dish and faucet I'll be selling. If interested, give me a holler.) I know someone personally that would rather throw things out than take the time to bring it somewhere. Once in awhile I'll get a call to do the rescuing but most of the time she just wants it out right then! It's very frustrating for me and drives me nuts!


  1. unbelievable. nothing more gratifying than a successful dumpster dive!


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