Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This came across an email last night from my Schnauzer Rescue partner in crime...she's also a breeder, although these little furballs are not at her house, she is part owner of the bitch that had these adorable little munchkins!! OMG!! makes you just want to eat them up! I love that little face in the middle.

They are keeping their ears and tails (normally they are cropped and docked) which is becoming a little bit more accepted in dog society. Unfortunately, there are those that will never accept this as a new standard -- they too much like the look of the cropped ears and docked tail...which, honestly, I like too, but not for the sake of their pain -- but once again, it's because of us humans that can't see beyond ourselves that we have to mutilate dogs. 

The Boxer is another dog where it's becoming more favorable to keep their ears (tails are sill docked) which is done in a similar way, I believe, to a circumcision on a human boy. Supposedly it's quick with some pain and then it's over. The ears on both are not only sculpted, with a lot of bleeding, but then trained with bandaging to stand up. Ouch. 

Lucy update:

She's very afraid of humans, stays in her crate all day unless to pee, and recently started being a little more afraid of coming out of her crate for food. I think that if she could see, things would be easier for her. But this emotional stress is not new to Puppy Mill dogs, and though often they can be rehabilitated with a lot of work sometimes, I don't know if Lucy will be able to be and her chances of being adopted is just about non-existent. She doesn't even have any interest in interacting with the other dogs. The only time she did was when she was in heat, and that's totally a breeding instinct that she had no control over. It makes me so sad for her. 

But, once again, some humans think dogs are commodities... One thing that really pisses me off is that someone knowingly continued to breed lines of dogs that are genetically prone to juvenile cataracts. Oh, I'm sure lines of dogs have been bred knowing they had some other genetic disposition. Lucy probably had at least 3 litters, and her parents before her and before goes on. And just think...then someone goes to a pet store, sees a cute little face, falls in love, spends up to $1000 on a puppy only to find out at sometime in it's young years that it can no longer see, or it's sight is limited. Puppy Mills, selling pets at pet stores and backyard breeding should be illegal across the board. People think they are "saving" a dog from a pet center, but the reality is they are perpetuating the cycle. Or someone has a great dog that they think will have great puppies, or better yet, want their children to experience puppy birth and new life (take them to an animal educational center!) ...Oh, and those pedigree papers that come with them? bullshit.

OK, I'm done...happy Tuesday morning...I need to go shower this anger and sadness off...and to feed a very hungry (she must be, she's whining like there's no tomorrow) and demanding 15 1/2 year old cranky but beautiful blonde.

PS: Go back to the top of the post to be refreshed with cuteness and good feelings.

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