Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Dreaming (yes while asleep, at night)

Last night I went to a wake for the death of an acquaintance's father, he was in his 80's, and although I had never met him, he was very well known in town. He was mostly known for how nice of a man he was. Lying there in his coffin, although make-up had probably disguised him a bit, I felt he may have looked so similar to himself in life because of a peaceful calm he had about him. I've been to quite a few wakes and what I notice most is the makeup job and how distorted people's faces are. (did you know they often pack the cheeks so that are not caved in?) 

For some reason, he was different. 

Maybe it was because they didn't dress him in the "appropriate" suit and tie (which would really have been so inappropriate for who he was.) He was a farmer, he wore t-shirts that said "crops are green, tractors are RED" and another T-shirt that stated that "real tractors are RED tractors"...apparently he felt very strongly about this. As such, he was dressed in a nicely worn flannel shirt, a well worn brown leather belt that had images stamped in relief and blue jeans. It was great, I imagine, so very him. Maybe this is why the energy coming from his dead body was one of peace. His family hadn't changed him for the sake of his death. 

Which brings me to my dream...

I dreamt that I went to his house as the family members were cleaning it out and tidying it up getting ready for an estate sale. (this really is just a dream because his wife survives him and will continue to live in their home.) I was only allowed to step into a certain area, and they were selling a few things to people familiar but the sale wasn't until a later date. I could see into some of the rooms and noticed all the furniture from the 50's and 60's. Two coffee tables, one atop the other, a sofa, etc. All vintage goodness. I couldn't wait to be able to attend the sale --if for nothing more than to enjoy the eye candy. Then a woman that seemed a little gruff says to me, "give me two dollars and look in that cupboard and take what you want." I hadn't told her I wanted anything, but I couldn't say no to her because of her way. So I gave her two dollars and looked in the cupboard. There were a number of old cookbooks so I rifled through them, thrilled to see the vintage images on the covers. I saw one that was 5 inches thick and it was an old 'Betty Crocker' that I knew were not easily found so I picked that one out. (I don't think BC ever had a recipe book that was 5" thick-- this is the thing about dreams -- it's a DREAM!) I found a few more that I thought would be interesting to own and a used up doll. (Yeah, I don't know where that came from) So I gathered the books, looked back in awe at the vintage perfection, and went on my way. 

You know you have become obsessed with something when you are dreaming so clearly (and in muted color taboot!) about it. 

Hope your dreams have been as swell!  ;-)

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