Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I couldn't take it anymore

The color in my kitchen. It was good but it didn't feel 'right.' I felt it needed some pumping up, something with a little more spark. So I got out the paints, the ladder, and the brush...and went to town. It didn't take too long, just swashes of intensified color overlaying the existing color, creating movement -- that's what was needed, too -- movement.

Decorative finishes are often hard to catch on camera. Enlarge the photo below and you should be able to see the technique. (the chandelier is another project waiting to happen...yeah, there's quite a few of those around here!)

It's funny how something so simple can make you feel better. Now, I might just go ahead and add a decorative touch to the upper cabinets as they have been crying out to me, too.


  1. thanks Pam!! it's getting to look more and more like a living space -- I even hung some art! wooo hoooo!


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