Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check these out!

I've been looking for lamps and as I was perusing Craigslist this morning, I found these wonderful specimens for an amazing price.

(check out the afghan as table cover)

I will be picking them up shortly...hopefully they will go where I am thinking, otherwise, there will be 2 more items added to ebay!


I found Ariel Gordon's blog via another I was reading and read about her search for milk glass. Well, you know My Favorite Little Thrift Store (I'll call it MFLTS) has some great finds for not a lot of money, so I asked if she was still on the search and told her I would keep an eye out so maybe she could save some money. She's looking for the Hobnail pattern, which, when I found this out, I realized the search for cheap cheap might be a little harder -- but hey, I love a challenge.

The POINT actually is that I went to The Salvation Army to do a quick perusal for her. I didn't find the Hobnail pattern amongst the Milk Glass pieces so I wandered around seeking other kinds of vintage goodness.

Why? because I can't help myself...I know, I know, I'm trying to get rid of things, now you understand why I have so much to get rid of. I have found that I really love buying neat things and now that I'm selling them to people that love them...I have realized...

OK, say it...

go on,

I dare you!


Whew. It's out. Yes, it gives me a thrill....and this is what I found.


Although I do have some Pyrex that I really like the patterns of, I don't collect it per se, but I keep in my mind other available patterns and keep an eye out for ones that aren't often found...

This divided casserole is actually GLASBAKE. I can't find the pattern anywhere I've looked so far. I thought it was Pyrex, bought it thinking it so, researched thinking it so...finally turned it over to find out that NO, it's not, it's Glasbake. duhhhhh.
Of course, it doesn't have a cover, so the cover I was thinking might fit at MFLTS won't work because that is definitely Pyrex and the shape of the handles are different. Yes, once I find out more, you will find it on ebay or etsy. Or if you need it now, convo me. 

Off to get my lamps!

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