Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Afghan Mania

The other day I was helping a friend clean out the apartment of a 90 year old man that is going to be living with his son now. We came in at the tail end of the clean up and I don't even want to know about all the useable stuff that had been thrown in the dumpster by his family. I saw some things going by me and I cringed, but I knew I couldn't save it all and I didn't want to overstep my bounds. But, honestly, the main cleaner upper was this guy's grandson and he had his instructions. Plus, I don't think he was overly sensitive to bookcases, dishes, etc. that were still useable.

I spied this afghan hanging from a nail and commented that if it was going to be thrown away, that I'd like to have it if I could. The guy said that he was keeping it...I was happy to hear it. Later on, when he found out that I do rescue and was giving me lots of stuff that animal rescues could use like blankets and such, he told me I could take the afghan if I wanted it for the dogs. He was just going to use it for his dog's bedding. Now, I know people do this pretty regularly so I wasn't too surprised, but I told him that I wanted it for me...not for the dogs! but for me to repair and use.

I really like it's stripeyness. You can see in the picture below that a panel must have broken free at some point. The panels are awkwardly stitched together, too. I'm thinking that maybe it was a beginners knitting project using leftover yarn, practicing using two colors at a time.

Now I will tell you, I am not a knitter...I tried it a few years back and made the typical beginners washcloth. It sucked, I sucked at it. I grew up crocheting, knitting was awkward for me. But, I will try it again and my panel will fit right into the beginner-ness of this afghan. It has a great weight to it and R. has already claimed it as going to the camper. He is sensitive to things handmade. I hope he realizes that I will be the afghan hog and that if it's wrapped around someone other than me, I will be a big pouty baby. Yup, even at this age, I can be a brat. Hey! can't let go of everything from childhood.

I was told yesterday by a man from my favorite thrift store (that I've chatted with and who has told me how much he likes talking with me and how he thinks I am so nice and sweet) that he pictured me as high maintenance. Huh! can you imagine! It was said after a little discussion I think that involved money...I told him, "well, I've been told that before, but not for financial reasons (hey, I thrift all the time and buy VERY LITTLE brand new) and besides that, take care of myself financially...but definitely for emotional reasons! yup, that's me! Watch out, never know what the mood might be!

Happy Wednesday, the expected snow is lightly coming down. I have my shovel ready...


  1. very cool. i am gearing up to learn to sew doggy sweaters out of felted wool. wanna save some of this for... collars?

    these also look like they would make cool scarves... separated, of course.

  2. I've been thinking about those doggy sweaters and designing them as I fall asleep. Do you have a pattern? I was designing for ease of use because they won't be stretchy like knitted sweaters.

    That's what it looks like, scarves that have been joined, I don't think they'd be bendy enough for comfy scarves, though. BUT there'd be no fighting over wrapping it around you, we'd all have a scarf to wrap around our necks!!

  3. That is indeed a very cool afghan! Happy that you were able to rescue it, (and how lovely that you rescue dogs... bravo to you!) As for knitting... I too suck at it. I was told that it can be very hard to master if you already crochet, (which I do)... Knitting is pure torture for me. Good luck on the repairs!


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