Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been organizing and computerizing and trying to figure things out -- like photo mosaics. Yeah, photo mosaics. Everyone has them on their blogs. Easy Peazy, right? Not for me...until recently. The many hours I spent googling and figuring only to find out that the sites didn't work. Within 20 minutes, I got to the right spot on Flickr that led me the way to Flickr Toys that led me to BigHugeLabs. and voila! a mosaic has been made.

(find these in my etsy shop -- denisesvintage)

If you've been around for a couple of weeks you know I'm selling some stuff. The format I was using wasn't really working for me, it just added time to the process. 

Well, now I can say that I've joined the ranks of thousands of Etsy sellers. I've been wanting to, just didn't make the time to pull it together...and it has taken time. Now with a few trials and tribulations, I've listed some stuff and was actually found the second day, with 4 sales. I was shocked and happy. I think that's one of the fears of Etsy, not being found, not getting rid of your stuff. So, I've linked to Ebay and Etsy (found on sidebar.) I tried an Ebay widget but it's HUGE and I didn't really like it. Now to put on an Etsy widget, which I know is much more size appropriate. Let's see how long it will take me to figure that one out!

My items on eBay have been selling, too, and if any of you are a purchaser on either site....THANKS! It takes time and they've changed some things since I did it last but things are going well. I love packing something up and moving it along knowing someone else is going to enjoy it (or resell it somewhere.) I had my time with it and I'm happy that an item will bring joy to someone else.

Here's what's on my eBay now:

Wish me luck!

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