Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yup, I Did It -- Adopted Little Bug

I haven't written about Little Bug, the cutie patootie 9 month old that came in. I've snapped some pictures but haven't gotten to putting them on here.

Even though she fits seamlessly into this household, and Hanzie totally approves....

I've been hesitant to say it. I've wanted to make doubly sure....

well...this little pumpkin head now resides at this little abode I have here.

Yup, it's official and now I'm putting out into blogger land...I've adopted Little Buggy Boo. I had a deep feeling that I would regret it if I let her go. She's a great fit for Hanz and it would just seem weird to NOT have her here. It's one of those kinds of things.

What about Tink? you might ask...well, I miss Tink (now named Olive) and maybe that's one reason why I went through with this one. I didn't want to miss her, too...the little gnat that she is.

I'm being kept up-to-date on Olive's doings and it seems as though maybe she's taking advantage of the sweet laid back personalities of her new owners. But, they outsmarted her having a trainer come in. LOL Good move on their part, it makes for a more harmonious relationship and peace in the house. One day it would be nice to see her again. She'd probably not remember me, that's what happens, but I still think of her often.

But now I have this munchkin to keep me busy and oh, she's doing that. Her personality is showing more and more each day and she's a little pip. Very protective of Hanz, Geri (she's still here with me) and me. She used to bug Weezie regularly but I thinks she's finally gotten bored with that because Weezie just. will. not. engage in play. So she'll pounce on anyone else that will. She's a very happy girl and has been lots of fun.


  1. Oh, SO very cute! Right now, we are so close to keeping our current foster. The thought of not having her gives me a heart ache. I really think that we have to keep her. We need to decide because while we are in this limbo, we don't get any new foster dogs! Thanks for this post.


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