Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrifting Weekend - Look What I Found

We went out looking for serious know, a very small dresser for the bathroom, a light fixture for the bathroom, a lamp for the bedroom....but after thrift stores and the Restore on Saturday, then the flea market on Sunday...well, you know what happened...I didn't find what I was looking for but I found a bunch of other fun stuff....

Love the gazelle, it'a a little creepy in the face in person and the stitching shows where the fur was pieced together on the form which adds to it's cool or eww factor, depending on what you like. I think it's creepy cool. There was quite a bit of dog attraction apparently! I had never seen and 'ode to dog' before I found 'Scott' the Chihuahua, then I went to the flea on Sunday and there was an 'ode to Roger' but it was a Spaniel. Funny how that happens. The Bialetti coffee pot was a good find, I'm always trying a new type of coffee making apparatus and this might just be the keeper. And, of course, found some fabric -- LOVING the yellow and white pillowcase. The Shabby Cottage duo lampshade is awesome, but not my style and the ceiling mount pink glass shade is a beauty, but again, not my color. If it was white I'd be hanging it in my office. The insulin kit will be a nice addition for someone that collects medical stuff. So, most of this will end up on ebay --but lots of fun was had finding it all.

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