Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thyroid Cover -- In Case You Haven't Heard About It...

Today I went for my annual boob squish. What? Too much information? Well, I've been hearing about the thyroid cover and like we seem to do when it comes to any type of medicine, I thought, "oh, I'm fine, I won't ask for it." Then I said, "dammit, yeah you will, tough crap if someone judges you" So I asked the boob squisher if I should be using one. She said I could and went to the other area to retrieve one. Why they don't have them right there aside the x-ray machine, I don't know. The radiologist has kind of a personality that would make you think she's not friendly, but she's nice enough...just very direct. She told me to put it tightly around my neck because it gets in the way. I thought, "great, it'll be in the way." In case you don't know, I have the neck of a pencil...I mean SWAN. and the thing was velcro and yes, I had to crisscross the velcro at it's very inside ends and hope she thought it was tight enough. ugh. Apparently it was OK and all went smoothly. Personally I think we should wear total head gear. That shield that's attached to the machine for your face really doesn't work so well when they do the angle press. In my opinion I don't think it's big enough in it's upright position to really protect our faces.

So, when you go to your mammogram appointment....ask for the thyroid cover. Better safe than sorry.

I do have a question...we get yearly x-rays looking for breast cancer and x-rays aren't good for you, can't they cause things to go wrong in your body? Or is it like taking the pill, you won't get pregnant but you might have migraines now and heart disease or cancer in your future.

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